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Hi! My name’s Lucas Storalic.

To say that art’s in my blood wouldn’t be an overstatement, because the desire to draw and create artistic elements isn’t new in our family. I remember my grandfather using small notebooks to draw for me and my brother, this talent was also passed down to my father, which tried for a job at one of the biggest editors in the country, however, unfortunately due to a lack of opportunity and timing he had to follow with other plans in his life, having to work with something completely different from the artistic area. He never gave up his hobby. Apparently my brother Nando and I are the third generation of artists in the family. We grew up seeing my father’s drawings, watching cartoons and reading many comics. This planted a seed in us which to this day gives us the desire to live off of art. Due to our inclination towards art from a very young age, the journal “O Diário do Norte do Paraná” even made an extensive article about us, telling a little bit about our story. Over time we perfected our craft, which opened many doors for us. We worked for two years in a project for FINEP, for the federal government. We made some art for two of the biggest video card brands in Brazil and worked at two of the largest agencies in Paraná. We have been working with digital illustration and graphic art for the last 8 years. A few years ago my brother and I, Nando, gathered the experience we gained at the publicity agencies and became Freelancers. Today we offer services for publicity, institutions, colleges, etc. We believe that art and publicity will always work side by side.

This is a little about our story. Now that you know us better, how about you contact us so we can talk? We would be happy to help you!

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